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Work has evolved over the past hundred years, now promoting mind over muscle. With mind-based work, autonomy, mastery and purpose drive excellence. These need a calm, clear, steady mind, free from chronic fear and anger. So leadership, in a cognitive age, has to be emotionally sophisticated. How does one achieve these essential prerequisites in a world too stressed with work, family, finances, political unease, and information overload? Let Better Minds Group show you how.


We can teach you about emotional sophistication. It helps to know how we are emotionally designed and driven to survive. Emotions can too easily trick. We can consult on how to train calm, clear, steady, minds. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) can do near miracle work healing traumatic memories quickly and deeply. EMDR breaks through emotional over-reactions; heals old hurtful memories. If a valued member is stuck, or has experienced a trauma or setback, we can use EMDR to bring them back.  NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback is an amazing brain-training technology. You sit in an easy chair for 33 minutes and listen to music or watch a movie while this device identifies inflexible, disruptive brain activity (stuck thinking and behavior), and gives your brain immediate feedback that calms your brain, on its own, to generate adaptive, flexible, brain patterns (better thinking and behavior). NeurOptimal’s® advantages are that it is so easy to use, that it can be set up on site to be run by your staff. There are some nice side effects- golf, tennis, and other games, improve. Let’s talk to see if we can help.


Dr. Barkett is a board member for Mental Health & Recovery for Licking and Knox Counties. 

He is an American Psychological Association and Ohio Psychological Association member.

Dr. Barkett was trained as a professional coach by the Global Consulting Partnership.

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