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.Leroy Hamm is President of IHD Corporation, a leader in pre-employment assessments and seminars on
interviewing and communication skills. In 1987, Mr. Hamm founded IHD Corporation to train companies in
the use of the DISC II and Achiever assessments.
Starting out as a teacher in secondary education, Leroy soon moved to become Director of Recruiting for the
Tom James Company, the nation’s largest custom apparel company. At Tom James Co., Mr. Hamm
developed his expertise and skills in interviewing and assessing new hires and, during his tenure, Tom James
Company grew from $33 to $70 million and the company’s first year hiring retention of salespeople grew
from 33% to 67%. Today Tom James Company has annual sales in excess of $1 billion and has a sales force
of over 500 salespeople with offices and manufacturing facilities on three continents.
Over its thirty four years in business, IHD Corporation has become a leading provider of employment
assessments for businesses who seek a better and more systematic way of hiring new employees and helping
develop management teams through the use of the assessments. IHD Corporation ranks as a top distributor of
the Achiever assessment, which is used by Atlanta Bonded Whse. Corporation, Consilium Healthcare
Staffing, Consolidated Restaurant Operations (i.e. El Chico, Cantina Laredo, Three Forks, etc.), over fifty
members of the Construction Leadership Network, Grapevine/Colleyville ISD, Luma Residential, Mercury
Insurance, North American Lighting, Ramjack Foundation Repairs, TD Industries, Western Growers and
many others.
IHD Corporation also developed the online process and markets the DISC II temperament assessment. The
DISC model is the most popular personality type assessment in the United States with over 40 million of the
DISC type personality and behavioral assessments sold in the U.S. for use with pre-employment assessment
systems as well as for management development.
Mr. Hamm received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Education in 1971 at Central Missouri State
University and from 1972-1979 he taught secondary education in the St. Louis County I.S.D.
Articles on Mr. Hamm’s work have appeared in the Wall Street Journal’s Business Employment Weekly, the
Phoenix Sun, the Dallas Morning News, the Ft. Worth Star Telegram and the Ft. Worth Business Press. His
articles have also appeared in magazine publications such as Hospitality Financial and Technical
Professional’s Bottom Line magazine, the Small Business Chronicle, Pulse magazine for Executive Women
International and the Online Recruiting Directory. Many of these articles can also be found in
Mr. Hamm lives in Justin, Texas, with his wife, Mercedes and their four legged family member, Daisy.

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