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My Company Needs an Advisory Board

“My company needs an advisory board”

The expression of this goal is commonly heard in these challenging times. However, this intention prompts many questions:

· How do I start this process?

· Whom and how many should be on the board?

· Is it possible to assemble a group with diversity?

· How can we connect with prospects?

· Is it possible to have a preview opportunity before the first actual contact?

· Is there someone I can talk with who can “advise on the advisors”?

· How long will the whole process take and what will be the costs?

Now imagine making one contact that will answer all of the above questions and provide the discovery of other related information in order to make the best decisions. Our GEFE Council of Experts has about 20 proven professionals that can provide a custom selected advisory board fulfilling the needs of most companies – PH.D’s, access to numerous attorneys, CPA’s, engineers, HR services, executive coaches, marketing experts, cybersecurity expert, psychological counselling, economic development, project managers, IT executives, M&A opportunities, turnaround experts, team building, financial advice, online commerce, sales coaching, all types of negotiating , customer service improvement and more. Best of all, by clicking on one can see the photos, bios, and multiple videos of all the COE members. By doing this it is possible to get instant answers to the initial questions and an advisory board can be formed in a matter of days.

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