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Meet The Council of Experts (COE)

In our peer executive group meetings we have always concluded an event with an expert who presents on some subject valuable to business leaders – marketing, strategy, project management, etc. With this version of our peer executive group we decided to have a larger group of experts permanently affiliated in order to ensure having available the most ideal presenter. We call this group the Council of Experts or COE.

So we contacted people whom we have known for many years (In the group below we have known 16 of the 20 for at least 10 years.)  Then as we continued to add to the group we began to realize the untapped potential of providing more services than just the presenting: 1 on 1 consultation, an immediate advisory board for medium – large clients, instantaneous operating staff for a start-up that has a president and no one else, turnaround team to rescue a troubled company, etc., and the new ideas just keep arising weekly.

You can meet the COE by reading the bios and viewing videos that follow.

In addition, you can view select videos of our COE members on our social media channels on both LinkedIn and Facebook. We post new videos each week on:

Mal’s LinkedIn page:

Scott’s LinkedIn page:

Our company LinkedIn page:

Our company Facebook page:


Feel free to check in regularly and post comments to support us!

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