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Dr. Robert L. Head

President Emeritus

Rockford University

(904) 383-8009

I am pleased to endorse Mal Bass and the Global Executive Forum Group. During my first presidency at Urbana University in Ohio, I joined presidents from a variety of industries in a group facilitated by Mal. It was an engaging experience wherein CEOs were encouraged to learn from each other and share ideas with one another. Feedback, encouragement, and mentorship were continually present.

Some would say that leadership in a non-profit institution of higher education is completely different than what is needed in a for-profit corporation. What we learned each week was that the similarities far outweighed the differences as we spoke of strategies to increase revenues domestically and globally; marketing tactics; client satisfaction; etc. Mal was masterful in engaging the group and in individual meetings with each member.

I was fortunate to have had the experience early in my presidency. Many of the valued lessons from my Global Executive Forum Group experience influenced my presidential actions at both Urbana and Rockford University following.

If I can provide additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Robert W. Hampton, CPA/PFS, ChFC


I was a participant in the Fort Worth Chapter of the Global Executive Forum for a number

of years. I found it to be an invaluable experience. Mal has a gift for facilitating the meetings such that each participant felt valued, and was able to express their thoughts is a collegial setting. The opportunity to interact with other business owners, and help each other work through issues was a unique experience. It made a difference in my practice.


We all like to think that our little business niche is somehow unique and unlike other businesses. Mal was able to help us see that when you render the fat out of it, that we are, in so many ways, in the same boat with the same problems and opportunities.


I still appreciate the time I spent attending Global Executive Forum meetings.

Dr. Brian Barkett


Better Minds Group

Combining interpersonal and task skills beautifully, Mal brings people together to make their organizations smarter, tougher, and more accountable. I've learned so much while enjoying his tutelage that when Mal asked me to be a part of his new initiative, My immediate and only response was "Yes sir."

More from Satisfied Customers

I appreciate the career advice you provided during our meeting. It really helped me in deciding on which offer to accept.



Graduate Student


Thanks for a great EFG week.  With action, Smith will benefit from Pete's model for success as well as from your guidance and coaching.


That's why I call you my mentor, your able to see the seedling in the forest! Good suggestions I'll be working on it. 


It is a dynamic time for us right now... thanks to the support and counsel from you and others.  I credit the meetings that Lisa and I have had with you as the primary inspiration for our current campaign with the underlying concept of speed... thus the car. 



I really enjoyed and valued the time spent yesterday. Very informative and inspiring. Thanks for arranging for it.


Thank you for leading the Executive Forum Group meeting.  I believe that it was a complete success.  It will be a great learning experience for everyone involved.  Thank you also for sharing a bit about yourself and your experiences.


thanks for providing us with this great opportunity to learn American business and culture, we will

benefit a lot from this executive forum i am sure. thanks for your work and care.


Thanks very much to you and everyone in the group - you have been a truly indispensable asset.


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