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Hennrietta Smith is the CEO/President of Vital Business Solutions; a District of Columbia company, which was incorporated in 2000.   Ms. Smith has worked in human resource management for over 30 years.  As the CEO/President of Vital Business Solutions (VBS), she has worked with hundreds of small businesses, federal contractors, and nonprofits for the past 21 years.  VBS provides various levels of Human Resources services, such as updating employee handbooks, creating job descriptions, conducting HR audits, and ensuring federal and state contracting compliances, to local and national small businesses.  VBS also provides technical assistance to nonprofits.  


Hennrietta has worked in Senior Level Management positions for over 20 years.   She attended Trinity College where she obtained her Master of Science in Human Resource Management Administration.  She has been a member of the Board of Trade, DC Chamber of Commerce, US Chamber of Commerce, Insiders, NATFE, the Society of Human Resource Management, and WIPP.   Ms. Smith remains engaged in community activities and has served on 3 nonprofit boards.

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