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GEFE - Who We Are

Global Executive Forum Entrepreneurs (GEFE) is a professionally facilitated peer executive group that uses unique, in-house developed tools and methods to help entrepreneurs more effectively run their business. In addition, GEFE helps executives leading community colleges with the issues they are facing in running their individual college. It has been proven successful in helping individuals regularly get several solid options provided by the other peer executives in the group that the presenter can decide to implement immediately to solve problems they are facing to run their businesses more effectively and profitably. We challenge any other peer executive group to have as many beneficial services: multiple options for issues solutions, opportunity to learn and advise problem-presenters, experts who present at meetings, written meeting notes, accountability process, independent access to speakers and Council of Experts, trusted confidants and business colleagues from within the peer group, 1 on 1 coaching with notes and accountability, facilitators available for 24/7 crises calls, all services delivered virtually, great improvement in members leadership skills (problem-solving, decision-making, facilitation), others. For more see -

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